“The classic of the Augsburger olive publishing is in the 29 vintage in time to the Jewish year 5772 on September 29, 2011 the Jewish calendar is published olive published by Augsburg” appeared in the 29 vintage: quotes, data, facts and stories from german Jewish culture and history guide the reader through the entire year. An entertaining and instructive reading book for Jews and non-Jews, edited by Henryk M. Broder and Hilde Recher. The calendar contains also important addresses of relevant cultural and educational institutions in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Cheeky, humorous reference book”with over 300 quotations, data, and stories is the classic among the book calendar” a thorough reference work. Clever, entertaining and informative.

“” “” Funny like Woody, awesome as Einstein, naughty like Tucholsky”the Wochenpost”of the Jewish calendar”ruled, comforting and unruly”Suddeutsche Zeitung”. Memorable anniversaries the Jews celebrate on September 29, 2011 New year, the year 5772 has dawned for them. “The new Jewish calendar begins with a quote of by author Jurek Becker” and with a quote from Andre Heller he stops a year later: happiness is the absence of fear “, it’s that. In between texts by and about Theodor Adorno and Woody Allen, Wolf Biermann and Ignatz Bubis, Anne Frank and Sigmund Freud, Kurt Tucholsy and Billy Wilder can be found, to cite just a few examples. Critically and currently in short, concise entries of the day of the Jewish calendar 5772 informed “about current and historical events and aspects of german Jewish culture and history. He presents known and unknown personalities in short biographies and stimulates through texts and quotes from writers, to think about politicians and scientists. Jewish culture compact critically observed the Jewish calendar”politics and current events, keeps up to date on new releases in the German book market and takes the reader on an exciting journey through the world of the Judaism with.