Discover the diversity of the joy of life discover the diversity of the joy of life healthy. Happy. Satisfied. The current period of transition, Besinnens and end eckens of own needs offers many opportunities for a conscious and happy life. The way to the inner satisfaction needs often only small impulses from outside.

For the vitality show in Kiel from October 23-25, 2009 indicating numerous ways that can take advantage of every man for himself: sounds and rhythms, colours and fragrances, homeopathy and lives consulting, but also practical tips for selecting the right bed and natural clothing are just a few examples of the potential exhibitors and the extensive accompanying programme with lectures, workshops, concerts and movies offer. A special highlight is the healing concert like in heaven”by Lex van Someren. The artist and shaman touches the visitors with his voice and his music; He combines meditative melodies, Mystic Mantrams, voice and silence to harmonious unit. Supported it by the RTL-Super Talent: Shinouda Ayad, the will delight visitors with its fascinating Dervish dance. The great pop singer Sting has peaceful Warrior”called an important and inspirational film, which can change a life. Nick Nolte is the story of a man who finds true size to see Saturday at 19:00 in his touching role in Kiel. Pablo Russell, Indian of Blackfoot blood tribe from Canada, provides an insight into his life with spirituality. He displays at hand of the medicine wheel, how important is the importance of our origin and roots for our current lives.

We look forward each year to welcome old friends and to meet new. We are there, that you discover more joy in everyday life and to take home. Lead a positive and healthy life – every day! You will find here how?”: 23 October 25, 2009 in Kiel, Halle 400. The detailed program, see opening hours: Fri: 13: 00 to 19: 00, sat: 10: 30 to 19:00, Sun: 10: 30 to 18:00 admission: Friday 7,-/ erm. 5,-, Saturday & Sunday 8,-/ erm. 6,-RINOW communication, Petra Rinow