A company is celebrating an unusual anniversary the of the over 100-year tradition of Baker the family Riemann origins in Silesia. The first bakery was there already in 1897 in Castle Ellguth\”by the great-grandfather of the brothers and sisters Sabine and mark Riemann, the today’s business leaders, founded. This year celebrates the Marner company k Baker (Dithmarschen/Schleswig-Holstein), which stores and stalls of Hamburg operates to Eiderstedt, so its 111th anniversary. And there is much to celebrate this year: innovative, but also music lovers. Step by step was worked to for example a new appearance; \”\” \”that originated that the entire catchment area includes and is populated by characters representing certain traditional bakery Kalle Baker realm,: there’s the bread Yuna\”, the cream of Susi\”or aunt Minna\” with their fat nuts. You all will now with fresh ideas enjoyable with all its delights rule! \”Two branches (St.

Peter-Dorf and St. Peter-bad) by the way, in the new enjoyable jargon back sites\” hot were completely in the style of the current corporate identity concept designed to. The Interior of the branches, the clothing of the sales staff and the design of products, price tags and posters support the essence of the company, namely the focus on regional – specialities. The corporate identity on the Internet has also got a new layout, and now in addition to current information and background on the history of the company also offers convenient shopping via the online shop! The bakery of Riemann’s can look back on a rich history with ups and downs. Striking events are for example the following stations: 1951 opening of the bakery by Karl Riemann sen.; the 1970s first branches are opened and forfeiture of computer technology; the 80s a new location and a new era with mark and Sabine Riemann; in 2003 the Insolvency; 2004 new concepts are the way of the future.