Master dogs and puppies together insure everyone is liable regardless of fault. Unlimited, with current and future assets, up to a period of 30 years, to persons, damage to property and pecuniary losses. Why a Kennel liability insurance? The legislature has set that every owner (holder) a dog of the so-called strict liability in accordance with 833 is governed by German civil code (BGB). That means in plain language: the dog harms a third party on his health or his assets, the owner is liable to make unlimited amount and regardless of fault or Nichtverschulden. The consequences of liability: any threatening payment obligations for the party that caused damage, ruinous consequences for the victim, if the polluter cannot meet its payment obligations. Is it possible to bridge this gap? The liability insurance indemnifies you from damages, against you raised are, and coordinates the settlement of the insurance case. Our dog owner liability insurance goes further still, where other products already stop.

Over the usual coverings, we have various coverage extensions and increases that are unrivalled in this combination. And this at very fair prices. Services in the case of insurance: check whether and, if yes, to what extent you are obligated to pay damages, reparation of the damage, ward off unjustified compensation claims, in this context are court processes led by the insurer and financially supported. The special highlights of selected tariffs: the liability risk as a holder of dogs for private purposes including the breeding is assured. The following extended coverage is in addition to the risk of the holder: insurance cover for any breed of dog, participation in greyhound racing, as well as the training, exercise of agility sports as well as the training to do so, participation in sled dog races, as well as the training, participating Dog trials and exhibitions as well as insurance coverage even when running the dogs without leash, damage caused by an act of intentional and unintentional deck, floor damage risk, volunteering to the rescue & mountains of people & things (rescue dog clause), temporary stays abroad can be up to one year, animal keeper risk different tariffs for example, online compare the training, and immediately close down if necessary. Special rates are offered exclusively for members in the VDH.