SKTool: What is and how use it repeatedly have discussed the importance of the proper selection of keywords and its result on our efforts to achieve better positioning in search engines. One of the online more interesting tools to achieve maximum efficiency in the choice of keywords is Google, which proposes to its product Adwords, SKTool (#). Let’s review the functions of the new version of this tool and see how same Google is responsible for giving all the forced elements for positioning in the first places. It is only a question of understanding them. In the first place is convenient login to enter the SKTool. To not so, the spam traps will make us lose valuable time. It is possible to login with a Google account. Once on the home page we are going to the tab of tools and reports.

There you will find two fields to complete. The first is the key word or phrase and the second is the web site. Jim brings even more insight to the discussion. For those who just give their first steps with this tool should be start with a single word or phrase key for the time to appreciate the quality of the result offered by Google. We then complete with the information relevant to our own page. We see that we have the option to click on show only ideas directly related to search terms. Choosing this option Google will return us the results available to all possible keyword variations, which will give us a much broader result. You can also select the desired location (e.g.

only Spain or Spain and Latin America) as well as the language. Then click on search and obtain all the necessary information instantly to the most effective selection of key words. We then find the desired result ordained in tabular form. The first column is the key words that Google will not suggest from which we entered. The second column is the competition, which tells us the degree of relationship that has that term with the content from our web site. How much taller the competition more difficult will be to get a TOP10 position for our page. The third column brings us the global monthly searches. This column along with the next, reflecting local monthly searches, is of utmost importance because it will give us the degree of effectiveness of each of the words or phrases (KEI or Keyword Effectiveness Index). For example, it is not the same first rankear for a term that only has 480 global monthly searches for another term that has more than 300,000. No doubt the words that we will generate more traffic are those with greatest number of monthly searches, either global or local. However these words are also the most difficult position, since the competition is greater. The last column returns us local search trends or developments on the amount of searches that each term is taking over a certain period of time. This can tell us, by example, that there are terms that are becoming more sought after, while others are falling into oblivion. Finally we can export this table in various formats, to be able to analyze it with greater precision, for example from an Excel worksheet. Understand rightly what provides us the SKTool, is a very efficient way to manage our positioning in Google. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to source press release sent by VPA.