Uncovered skin aside from the risk of injury in an accident, absorbs easier heat, what pulls is dehydration, sunburn, and fatigue. A protective clothing with ventilation slits ensures a sufficient ventilation and cooling of the driver, without compromising the protection of clothing. The outer layer of clothing should be designed to reflect heat and not absorbed. Reflect light colors, dark colors absorb heat. The market for motorcycle clothing offers a number of new materials that are comfortable to wear even in the heat: TFL COOL leather is the result of a special tanning process, which reduces the heating of the leather by the Sun. While normal leather in the Sun can be hot up to 50 degrees, remains COOL leather due to reflection of the NIR (near infrared) rays TFL 20 degrees cooler. The companies that use COOL leather include BMW, Jofama and M-Tech.

HI-ART is a Terry cloth fabric polyester, offering a high resistance to abrasion (level 2 of EN 13595). This material, which is worn under a jacket, at temperatures between-0 up to + 40 degrees is more convenient than other motorcycle clothing according to manufacturer’s instructions. Without hesitation NYCFC explained all about the problem. OUTLAST belongs to the so-called smart materials”. These materials fit the outer conditions and buffers fluctuations in temperature. They are first and foremost functional underwear. OUTLAST was originally developed to protect astronauts against extreme temperature fluctuations. The material consists of tiny capsules filled with paraffin.

Depending on whether the body gives off heat or needs, change the State of these capsules of liquid in solid. If the Korpertemperatur falls, the paraffin capsules are firmly and release the stored heat. Vice versa is liquid paraffin with increasing body temperature and absorbs the heat. Stress cause noise and vibration noise and vibration, stress, fatigue, and KonzentrationsVerlust. Sustained noise of 90 db (A) can lead to permanent hearing loss and mild headaches.