Need to move on. And in the process motion you will understand who and how to make money here. Let's take some examples, which kept us in a logical way. Let us remember the names of prominent traders, and look at their annual dohody.Larri Williams – Champion Trading of all time – the competition for trading for less than a year made from 10 thousand dollars U.S. $ 1 million – 11000% per annum.

Impressive. Laurels of the winner and still haunt nouveau followers of the stock market. Today's capital by Larry Williams in the 200 million dollarov.Uorren Buffett – the state $ 42 billion. He, as well as Larry Williams started from scratch, but never earned a 11,000% per annum. According to various sources Its maximum return on capital employed amounted to 30-32% per annum. George Sorros – state 7.2 billion dollars.

Maximum annual increase of 28-30% of the capital. If Larry Williams earned each year by 11,000%, while just 4 years old, his capital amounted to 1.5 trillion dollars. As you can see, this has not happened. More than that. During the competition it sags in the capital by more than 70 percent. What does it mean sags? This means that when its capital had risen to 500,000 dollars, began losing streak, and the capital fell to 125 thousand dollars. Then he was again restored. In the process of trading its planned maximum risk per trade has been around 45% of the capital. If a couple of failed transactions We could not find the name. Normal risk, used by most traders, from two to three percent. Afford the risks of Larry Williams not everyone can. It should be in the same breath as some would never lose. But Larry runner – a marathon runner, and in such people, I believe. So, to repeat the success of Larry need to start running a marathon, and then take risks like Larry. Risk of so many, but know one Larry. The conclusion suggests itself. Remember the infamous French bank trader Societe Dzheneral. About the major risks I like the idea of Alexander Gerchikov. She sounded a little dirty, but very accurately expresses the meaning of a lot of money. If we assume that the percentage increase in per share, then all traders earn approximately the same. A total amount of winning depend on the size of the rate or risk of the transaction, that is, Gerchikov, from the "steepness of eggs." The steeper the risk, the more money, but more often sink capital. So do not fall for breakfast to the 'pros' yaishnitsey boiled.