The alterations in the pulmonary system can occur of varied forms, a common type very of alteration caused for illness are related to the pulmonary illness obstrutiva chronicle (DPOC). According to Latin American Association of Thorax (2006, P. 8), ' ' The Pulmonary Illness Chronic Obstrutiva (DPOC) comes presenting, world-wide, a significant increase in prevalence and mortalidade' '. On the basis of this data would be important to focar attention the patologias related to the pulmonary system of the aged ones that they participate of programs of physical exercises, and to analyze in fact what it can be used to diminish the prevalence and the mortality caused for (DPOC). You influence them of the pneumopatias when related to the aging they can previously be of inserted in the joint actions sights that they contribute to promote the decline of the pulmonary functions. For Kauffman (2001), the good conditioning of the pulmonary system if characterizes for the fact of the individual to have a good mobility of the torcica box and a good conditioning of the respiratory muscles that go to facilitate the mechanics of the exchange of oxygen for fabrics of the pulmonary system.

System vascularO vascular system is one of the studious systems most boarded for in studies related with physical exercises, for the fact of the regulation of functions specifies of the system as, cardiac frequency (FC) and the arterial pressure (Par) among others, that they possess direct relation with the physical exercises. In some cases we will go to observe that this system can ahead promote restrictions and benefits of the training, we will speak of the main related alterations to the aging. According to Kauffman (2001), it was evidenced that the vascular system is constituted of a cycle of actions that are organized for the transport of oxygen for the body, in which obtains to identify three processes of transport that they are: the transport of oxygen of the external way for the half intern it body, the circulation it oxygen in the body and of supply of oxygen to fabrics.