Google maps’, it is already possible to zoom into the maps section. If you chose the largest zoom factor, then you will automatically be Views of street view shows when they are doing there. There is also still a small stylized male, the Pegman. When you pull this with the mouse over a location, so you can see the street view imagery. The Group accepts any pictures that have made private individuals. He can nozzles even cars through the cities, where a 2.5 metre high mast is attached. This in turn are nine cameras, allowing a panoramic view. Also, the cars have GPS sensors, so that they can list the position of the recordings.

Also, there are more laser distance meter, with which it is possible to determine the distance from buildings to the car. Where there are no cars, there are three-wheeled motorcycles. In 2008, Google presented a software that made unrecognizable faces in street shots of Manhattan. It can be seen, that the group is already familiar with the problem. Especially after protests in the United States. However, it recognizes that the protest in Germany is the strongest.

The group admits no information while the Objections in Germany, a spokesperson from Google reckoned but with a five-digit number. According to the Ministry for consumer protection, over 200,000 objections would be together until the end of the year. Faces and plates are made automatically unrecognizable. Since last year it is possible via letter or E-mail against the planned releases of buildings or property, taking people and cars around also. In a tenement building unless sufficient, if is already a tenant against the publication. Residents of the cities where street view starts in November, then have the possibility of a new communication on the street view Web site to use. Who wants to appeal until September, which is taken into account before the start in November. Then there are pictures of the 20 largest cities in Germany, including Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Cologne and Wuppertal. Even then it is still possible to intervene against the publication. Lena Cook