In this note a strange background. The film "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele" I looked for a reason. I wanted to make a splash – such as exposure of the film "Home" to copy the idea of "DuckTales." Wanted Tell the world that Luc Besson does not himself invented his Adele. Later I learned that the film is the comic strip Jacques Tardy, but still – fueled hope that these comics and they carried off the idea from somewhere. I wanted to find the source.

It seemed to me that I found it. This is a series of games about a certain Laura Palmer Bow, which is, um, just like Adele and recently graduated from college. It is engaged in fiction writing (Laura writes articles for the newspaper New York Daily Tribune, and Adele writes popular fiction) and has a gift engage in all sorts of questionable activities. First of all, I was hooked shot from pterodactyls. Here's what I understood – I stumbled on something important.

He looked more screenshots of the game Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra and realized it was all in the advertising trailer for the new film by Luc Besson. About the movie itself is told. Impressions after a positive but modest, much underpaid. Compensate for the failure decided by the game, make a bunch of screenshots, some dragged out Internet. I realized – the movie "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele" – literally copy the game on many points. Well would be if they were two, I would not have noticed but a lot of them. I will try to show it. To appreciate my work from you need dash of fantasy. For example, a room Anji is the same as in the game, but it shows us a different perspective. If we are in your mind will be able to cast it from above, we see a complete similarity. PS: As you know, not sensationalism happened. It turns out, Jacques Tardy and his comic strip ahead of the game found me as much as 20 years. The first story is about Adele went to the French comic book Pilote in 1972, the year. A game about Laura Bow appeared in 1992. And now, almost a fifth part of the century, the film was released. Perhaps Monsieur Besson and playing with Laura, but the film is removed after all of the comic strip. Alas, I did not stir. PS 2: I once again admire the site Game-nostalgia. I was able to find it all that is scattered on the internet.