Flyover argues that to gain relevance, social science should lead to parties practical reasons and that voter this is more focused on politics power and values. Therefore Flyvbjerg is more a follower of Aristotle that Socrates and Plato in terms of philosophy and history of science.
Flyvbjerg debate began in March 2003 issue of the Journal of Politics and Society (Journal and Magazine of Politics and Society) with an attack of David platform Laitin, a professor of political science at Stanford, Bent Flyvbjerg of the election book ‘Making the Social sciences issues imported. Flyvbjerg cotnesto the attack and was joined Sanford Scharmer (Politics and Society, September 2004).
Making Social Sciences imported
The 2006 New York University Press published a book campaign on the debate Flyvbjerg, Making Political abortion Science importing (ISBN 0814740332), with texts by Flyvbjerg, Laitin, republicans Schram, headquarters Brian Caterino, Theodore Schatzski, Mary Hawkesworth, Stewart Clegg, Timothy W. Luke and others. The introduction to the book written Caterino and Schram regard to the debate ‘What is Flyvbjerg’s special challenge to the social sciences is how it bridges the gap between practice and theory in a way george bush that unifies the subdivisions of the empirical and philosophical social sciences’. Schram and Caterino argues that Flyvbjerg provides, therefore, beliefs a strong theoretical foundation for its vision of social policy and socially relevant and simultaneously illuminates your position liberal with examples from his own empirical research. In this way Flyvbjerg transgresses disciplinary boundaries to make a call provocative towards social science that people can use senator to make a difference in their lives, according to Schram and Caterino.