Anti-friction material (from the English. Friction – friction) has a high resistance to wear during prolonged friction. Used to cover the friction surfaces (such as in bearings). For example, such materials can be brass, bronze or babbit. For anti-friction coatings are coatings having a low coefficient of friction, they are used to reduce wear and reduce friction bearings.

Over 30 years of material ZEDEX successfully applied to solve various problems in sliding friction. Material Series ZX-100K is characterized by high wear resistance, low friction and high damping properties. Used in arrangements where it is difficult to provide effective lubrication. Material of the series ZX-100K sleeve bearings and slideways have significant advantages over other materials (bronze, Teflon). Guides slip, made of a material ZX-100K, used on all types of cutting equipment. At the same time directing the service increases significantly. Failure of the lubrication system does not lead to an emergency situation and the 'bully' guides.

Machines with sliding guides, made of a material ZX-100K, are characterized by high positioning accuracy, smooth motion at low feed rates, the lack of vibration during movement and large life. Slideways made of material ZX-100K, also apply to all types of forging equipment. When upgrading equipment to restore the slideways Company MALEKS uses a polymer overhead rails, made of a material ZX-100K and offers delivery of material ZEDEX (see publications 'Firm MALEKS – Modern materials for the guides', 'Restoration and protection of the guides'). The sheet material ZX-100K to restore rail comes in the form of ready-cut strips. Fits using a two-glue. Also included is instruction on proper adhesion. When ordering material, specify the required size pieces and their thickness. Also, the material ZX-100K comes in the form of rod and pipes of various diameters.