An interesting feature of Twitter is that it records are indexed search engines, so use Twitter to send news, not only personal but public information, but also, more importantly, the commercial value. Frequently starbucks in new york has said that publicly. Consequently, Twitter can be considered as new effective instrument for the promotion and PR in social networks. For example, consider a campaign to promote social networking, internet-based marketing agency F2FMedia (). This action to promote social networks can be called a flash mob in Twitter, because it took place in a strictly limited time frame (only 2 days) and painted strictly scenario. Marketers agency F2FMedia as communication centers promotions in social networks using their own strong worldwide network of experienced and respected users of Twitter.

In a pre-determined time, they began to put on their blogs on their own behalf the message, which was a summary of the marketing agency F2FMedia, and stood at the end of the hash tag # F2Fmedia. It is important to emphasize that these messages do not have explicit advertising. Dayton kingery wanted to know more. Thanks to the effect of "word of mouth" about F2FMedia know thousands of people, including which, as we have just learned, were potential customers. It can be concluded that this is a good example of PR in social networks. Examples of messages used: 1) about you nobody knows? Tomorrow everyone will know about you. Trust # F2FMedia! 2) Looking for customers? F2FMedia find them! # F2FMedia 3) F2FMedia.

Your customer knows about you! # F2FMedia 4) Do you want to unwind quickly? Internet Marketing Agency F2FMedia help! # F2FMedia To help accommodate their posts to Twitter F2FMedia agency also uses the service Hootsuite, thereby increasing the activity of accounts created to attract new followers and to increase attention to the activities of F2FMedia. This service provides many useful options for Twitter, including the ability to coordinate multiple accounts on Twitter. For our clients agency F2FMedia offers, in particular, short-term promotions in the social networks that increase customer traffic to the site several times. What As for PR, social networks are really great opportunities, and active in social networks increases literally every day. Check out our official website, will surely find something interesting for themselves. And we in turn, is happy to arrange for your order PR campaign or promotion on social networks! The above example of moving F2FMedia – only one of the options on how effectively you can use Twitter to promote the social networks. Subscribe to Twitter by news agency F2FMedia, and you will find many interesting things. Well, poschebechem? @ F2FMedia Website: