Few people know that fast food was not invented in America and not good uncle McDonald, and poor peasants in Sicily. The very first "hamburger" was Guastelle – closed sandwich with ham, cheese and lettuce. (It is now sold on every corner and in every corner of Sicily). Yes, but the entire kitchen and Italy – can be described by a single phrase, "find that there is in the house and Throw it in a heap." Of course, it is very exaggerated, but almost true – kitchen created the peasants who had loaf of bread and a couple of vegetables grown in the garden, or a pair of fishes, which managed to catch in the sea. That came up with 10 dishes of the same product – and not too expensive and there are nicer. Well, then there are different sauces and "supplements" that are simple but tasty food in general made a surprisingly tasty. One philosopher of antiquity say that the islanders eat and drink as if to die tomorrow.

What is more applies to Sundays, when dinner is going all the big family meals are prepared and 5-6, plus sweets. However, with Italian cuisine is not surprising – the famous pizza snatched in every corner of the world, and only local distinctive taste. How do pasta in Italy … It is an art, it's a long story! There is simply pasta is Pasta with anything, and according to this "something" tastes so different dishes that include both PASTA dishes are often simply not dare! Recall also the wine. Most good things in Sicily and in the region of Venice. Although the Italians, unlike the Russians, prefer dry and semidry wines, not sweet. But if we take to lunch jug of house wine – there will be a holiday, and for the stomach and kshelka – Sicilian wines are inexpensive and of good quality And in Sicily can not find the exact same recipes – in each city, what's really there – in Each hostess – has its own secrets of culinary art.