Mendoza offers an endless number of tursticos, special actractivos to enjoy in family. After securing lodging in capital Mendoza he is feasible to realise a series of excursions, circuits that is feasible to realise in one or two days. The Cord of the Silver is a circuit that really is worth the pain to realise due to the magnificencia of the landscapes that can be appreciated. The Cord of the Silver is a included geologic formation within the mountainous chain of the $andes, that crosses the American continent of north to the south throughout all their extension. In geologic terms, it is the lands of more recent formation, originated in the collision between the plate of Is born, that is located in I milk of the Pacific Ocean, and the South American Plate. This last one moves constantly and for million years with direction the northwest, whereas the plate of Is born does in the direction of the east, fitting themselves below the South American plate and generating elevations and you fold in the Earth surface. This way, exactly in the province of Mendoza the highest tips of the mountain range of the $andes are located, product of the incessant movement of the terrestrial crust. The Cord of the Silver occupies the departments of Tupungato and Lujn of Whose.

The summits of this section of the mountain range go of the 4000 to almost the 7000 ms of height of the Aconcagua mount. Tourist, the region has much to give. By all means that one of the most popular activities is the snow ski and all the sports. In this respect the center of Vallecitos ski is the one that is placed nearer capital Mendoza, only to 80 km Of this form is possible to pass a beautiful day between slaloms and reductions in speed through its track of maximum length of about 2400 ms, soon to return to the city of Mendoza. Other options of adventure sports also are possible in the Cord of the Silver.

An alternative very looked for is the escalamiento of the Stepanek hill, of 4200 ms of altitude. The andinistas usually realise the escalamiento of this closed like preparation for other challenges of greater difficulty, like the escalamiento of the Aconcagua. In definitive, it is possible to obtain a combination of luxury and magnificence lodging in a hotel in Mendoza of four stars like the Diplomatic, without losing the opportunity to obtain a close contact with the nature and the imposing geography of the province.