I agree: ice skating is sport; but to invest in flowers a day?. Had it not been more helpful to encourage a sport more attached to the reality of the city as roller skating, which can be practiced in dozens of public spaces on a daily basis? More than frivolity, there are several blind spots in the installation of the track of skating in full socket of the city of Mexico, if we start from the golden rule in investigative journalism and the political-economic analysis: who benefits directly the operation of a track of ice skating in the Plaza of the Constitution? Who are the suppliers of services and products that are mercaran around the track? Whose is business it? It is the system of the State Company of light and Fuerza del Centro (LFC) prepared for the consumption of electrical energy that will keep the frozen track all winter? At this time of year, the overloads of electricity generation lines are very common for the festive lighting both in homes and in offices, public buildings and streets, and the LFC-demand energy savings every year to prevent collapses. OK Mexicans to closely see a track of ice skating, the energetic cost that implies the track? There is no data from the Mexico City Government on the financial cost of electrical energy consumption or implying in ecological terms the electricity expense to maintain the ice.

Ebrard said that most of the cost of the installation and operation of the skating rink will be paid by donations and promotions of companies. For what? The city government buy skates and gloves to track users? A pair of medium quality costs around $30 and I do not think that the low-income families, for which this fun Center, is planned will buy your skates to test track, if the daily average income from a capital family of lower middle class is of slightly less than $ 14 per day or $400 per month. On the other hand, in what benefits local businesses that install an ice skating rink? I remember ice skates are imported and any industry that moves through the sport of ice skating is foreign. In the city of Mexico there is no infrastructure or local market associated with winter sports, ice and snow, except the palettes of flavors of cart of El Popo, which are sold in public parks around the directions of Tepepan, in the South of the city. Will be at least the stars of Holiday On Ice to offer free his show to the capital of low-income? from my point of view, you can give entertainment to the masses with a significant socio-economic contribution to the city, of strengthening the identity cultural and reconstruction of the social fabric so deteriorated in the Mexican capital with less political debraille. (Martin’s Lima/Tribuamericas) 2007 all rights reserved.