In the annex to the editorial section are service providers and manufacturers in the sound reinforcement industry with its services and references. The content in the browser: The grandstand sound planning for a perfect sound the sound of an entire Stadium with fixed equipment required complex planning work and a careful implementation. Also coordinate with other trades is of importance. The voice alarm the compulsory programme of a large part of the sound of a stadium, arena or meeting place of any kind is not planned on the basis of the respective event or use concept. Rather, the fire protection concept is crucial. The larger a project is, the planning must be more careful”Dieter Michel, a physicist with the focus acoustics as well as Publisher and editor-in-Chief of the trade magazine PROSOUND, speaks in the stadium world interview about sound installations in venues.

Modern Hall, poor sound? The problem of the sound of arenas for concert productions is always given. If the audience is satisfied, can the respective Seat depend. In addition to the performance of the sound engineer, but also the construction of the building to a large extent for the sound is responsible. The type and quality of network installation decides digital audio networks, which media-technical requirements a venue can meet. The network structure is a lifeline in the multimedia age. Digital technologies open up new possibilities.

Event technology: Sound, and more for special events outside of buildings as well as in venues the equipment will be rented almost always. In addition to the sound reinforcement system, the package includes among others also the light and the stage. Dry hire: sound systems for events for rent pollution: noise pollution curb venues noise. Dealing with this topic are regulated by law, in planning as in operation must be carefully taken into account the pollution. Provider directory sound link to the download of the theme specials: sw_business/index.php? section = facilities & site = sportstaettenbeschallung_special