Years of Lead, it walks quieter and he does not bind more. Therefore, I decided to bind and to see what it is happening. It said that he continues in the battle to emplacar its Column: Mico, Lino and that it studied proposal of New York Times, but in the test article changed the name of the Obama for Osama and the foreigners had not come back to bind. I asked as they walked the too much things and it he told what he follows. He said that he has thing that only he happens exactly in state, that it calls abandonment, that is So Paulo, that is makes 15 years, but seems not to learn, under mismanagement and good pedagiado for the U.T.I (Tucana Unit of Intelligence ).

The Lynno remembered that it has left of the Rodoanel for the Coast was set free to pressas, with toll alone stops after the Elections, but this, and others coisinhas that Motion Mountain range Uncle deceived me to Mountain range, spoke that it went to have two professors and does not have none. The boy questioned Lynno when seeing a periodical photo with the Shock troop and the Cavalry of the Military Policy restraining with bombs of gas and cassetetes the manifestation of professors strikers. Lynno, that does not have nor for the son of six years, said that policemen in such a way as professors work for the people and are badly paid for the governing Mountain range. summarized: is declared insolvent beating in badly paid, son. The government says that it does not have strike, does not leave helicopter with TV camera to show walk; at last democracy is not thing that Toucan likes or respects, prefers the bread and the circus of merenda of 20 cents Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@>