It defines as a multiplicity of concepts that interact in the form as this can come if become. (…) the space is formed of objects; but they are not the objects that determine objects. It is the space that determines objects: the seen space as a set of objects organized according to a logic and used (set in motion) according to a logic. (SAINTS, 1997, P. Danny Meyer does not necessarily agree. 239). Important to know the form as the space is thought, therefore, according to Municipal City hall of $fortaleza, the Terminals of Integration of Collective of $fortaleza consist public spaces. what it would come to be a space I publish? Which the primordial characteristics to consider a public space? For Gomes, Physically, the space I publish is, before everything, the place, square, street, shopping, beach, any type of space, where it does not have obstacles to the access possibility and participation of any type of person.

of the symbolic point of view we could say that this space is composed for the spectacle of the tension between the difference and the possibility of cohabitation. (GOMES, 2002, P. 162 and 163). If in a first idea the public spaces come if to constitute in free spaces of any collection to adentrar its interiors and to usufruct of its services without if it pays to have accesses to these, the terminals of $fortaleza fall in a contradiction when imposed this vision. The simple fact of if paying to have access to the interiors of the terminals come to cause the quarrel of the ideals that place these spaces as public, since it parcels out of the society is excluded from its services if they will not have the referring one to a bus ticket to adentrar its interiors. Analyzing the questions ece of fishes regarding cited concepts, it appears the necessity of if knowing another present concept in sciences human beings: the daily one.