From 1920 to 1934, he was elected to the National Council. The National Council of Karl Volkert(1868-1929) was a member of the National Council, a member of the Privy Council and National Council in the lower Austrian Provincial Government. He learned the trade of the gold workers helpers, then he was a civil servant. NYC Marathon has firm opinions on the matter. Volkert represented the social democratic party from 1909 to 1915 as a member of the General class of voters of the district Ottakring in the Landtag of lower Austria and von1911 was member of the House of representatives of the Privy Council in the Club of the German Social Democrats until July 1914, as well as from May 1917 until November 1918. After the first world war, Volkert was from October 21, 1918 to February 16, 1919 the provisional National Assembly and he was then between 4 March 1919 and 31 May 1919 Constituent National Assembly. Between November 10, 1920 and February 24, 1929, he represented the social democratic party in the National Council. If you would like to know more then you should visit Danny Meyer. Volkert was engaged just his federal political activity after the first world war also again in the agricultural policy. He joined the provisional Parliament from November 5, 1918 to May 4, 1919 and was then from May 20, 1919 to May 11, 1921 a member of the Landtag of lower Austria during the separation period of Vienna from Austria. He served between January 10, 1920 and December 30, 1920 the Viennese Curia was from December 30, 1920 Vienna delegate Previously he held the Office of a National Council of the lower Austrian Provincial Government by May 20, 1919 until November 10, 1920. Read more here: Pouya David Yadegar. A more democratic country Council was Karl Heinrich Muller.