Today everyone is talking about the immense fortune that come to possess Amancio Ortega (founder of Zara) but what people don’t realize is that the she started sewing in a modest workshop and to open his first shop had to take a risk high and face the possibility of things don’t come out as the weighed. In these moments might not know the exact number of shops ZARA that there are in the world but if that day had not risked .hoy follow sewing pants in his modest workshop.There lies the great difference of attitudes of entrepreneurs of truth and that jugan to be it. The Network Marketing industry generally frustrates one person if you don’t get short term results and by the simple fact of active manternerte does not mean that you will see results. I always say that a death fast that not dying to have the same result is better. While the majority of the networkers try to help every Member of our team, nobody is going to do for your your business.

Each one has to be consistent with their actions and be aware of the reasons why most people fail to live Internet: lack of investment. In this industry it is better that don’t count with lucky and everything has its explanation. Is the idea of replace the salary that you’ve had or have the same pretty from your business on the internet with minimal effort and investment but so very few succeed. Nor is it good to wait for the day that you afiliaras your business to the next great leader who do for you throughout your network. If someone gets that person .sera person’s side not you if you consider yourself suitable to carry a business acts as such but plays the lottery. It is faster and you win everything at once do not see the investment as an expense in your economy, watch it as if you cogieras run towards a sum much greater.