This time, it’s not Britney Spears, but her little sister Jamie. Only the headline to her pregnancy and now she even marrying after all the headlines that had to endure the Spearsfamilie in recent times, most recently until the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears, it was thought that at least now a little calm around Christmas returns, but absent! Because as it was now known, Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend want to marry Casyey Aldridge before the birth of their common child. As confirmed by the uncle of Aldridge, even pastor, have both been already thinking about a common future and are sure that they will create the situation with the child and the marriage. The uncle New York Post: “I know that Casey Jamie loves very much and he also wants to marry her. He told me that she also wants. Casey wants to marry as soon as possible! “.” It may be that for the Christmas days not at Spears home is calm and we are kept up to date about the holidays assumed probably. Lisa Wey