Start of one of the most comprehensive information and training opportunities specifically made its new website in the network for therapist Elke Post, occupational therapist and NLP teaching trainer from Hamburg, Germany, recently. Thus, training stands for therapist and NLP interested in one of the most comprehensive information and in the Internet, which deals with the topic of NLP and therapy. It aims the methods and techniques of NLP specifically for people who are professionally involved in the therapeutic environment, to make them accessible. Elke Post, how successfully the therapeutic work put in a communication model can be know by many years of experience in the application of NLP techniques in occupational therapy. Over the years, Elke Post could educate many occupational and physiotherapists, and employees of other therapeutic occupations.

The achievements in the combined application of therapy and NLP are now fully recognised within the industry. Confirm not only the own employees from the Ergopraxis of Elke Post, in three branches in Hamburg are working. To illustrate the benefits and advantages of NLP in everyday therapeutic even better, lots of content in the form of texts, images, videos and audio contributions are available across the Web. In addition to the twenty-two bookable NLP user courses, Elke Post offers also NLP trainings. These include the NLP practitioner, NLP-Master and more levels to the NLP doctrine trainer.

All NLP trainings are conducted according to the standards of the DVNLP. Coaching and supervision, complete the extensive training offer. It is advisable to visit the website of Elke Post under all people education interested in the therapeutic context. Author of the article: Thomas Noll – the Internet Editor