By the time exploring the Galoy Dali lived in the Cadaques, a fishing port city on the Mediterranean coast. In 1930, the artist bought a tiny cabin with no amenities on the outskirts of Cadaques – Port-Ligate. In subsequent years, Dali and Gala returned here many times. Gave a quick became known (albeit controversial) artists, and this success was due not only to the actual painting, but with his ability to hit the public. Should not be discounted, and outstanding ability Gala, accomplished by Essentially, the function manager Dali. In 1934 he managed to organize several solo exhibitions. Their geography was extensive – New York, Barcelona, London. Political pragmatism Some supporters of Surrealism Dali irritated by his antics, which, in their view, alienated from this current left-wing political forces. It’s believed that New York Museums sees a great future in this idea.

In his youth Dali shared the anarchist beliefs of his father, but later became sympathetic to the right. Like many artists, Daly left Europe during the Second World War, settling in the United States. There (mostly in New York), he lived from 1940 to 1948 years. In the U.S., the artist was well known and quickly became a success. In 1941, for his solo show opened its doors Museum of Modern Art, after which she was shown in other major cities.

In 1942 he published his autobiography, "My Secret Life" and instantly sold out. In 1946, Daly has successfully collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock. All This led Andre Breton to publish scathing anagram of his name: Salvador Dali – Avida Dollars (Rowing dollars). After returning to Europe in 1948, Dali settled in Port Ligate, making frequent forays out of Paris and New York. His career continued to gain momentum. Daly brought a lot of money, in addition to paintings, work in related fields: he was involved in literally everything – from fine art to stamps. A good source of income were his regular appearances on French television. Among the paintings by the late period of popularity enjoyed Dali's work related to religion (with the years he became a devout Catholic). last years Dali worked actively to 70 years, but after 1975 it health has deteriorated. Gala was also unwell. She died first, in 1982. After this, Dali has left Port Ligat, never to go there not to return. He lived in the purchased in the 60 years the castle Pubol, and after a fire in 1986 moved in Figueres. Daly is no longer bedridden. He died Jan. 23, 1989, at age 84.