for various reasons. This is mainly explained by an active civic and social position Twain. Some works that might offend the religious feelings people, Twain did not publish at the request of his family. For example, the "Mysterious Stranger" has remained unpublished until 1916. But the most controversial work of Mark Twain, perhaps, was a humorous lecture at the Paris Club, published under the title "Reflections on the science of onanism." The central idea of the lecture was: "If I have to risk their lives on the sexual front, do not masturbate too much." It was published only in 1943 limited edition of 50 copies. A few more anti-religious works were not printed until 1940. Later years, Mark Twain's success began to fade smoothly.

Until his death in 1910 he suffered the loss of three of the four children, died, and lovely wife Olivia. In his later years, Twain was in deep depression, but was still able to joke. In response to the erroneous obituary in New York Journal he uttered his famous words: "Rumors of my death greatly exaggerated. " Twain's financial position also deteriorated, his publishing company went bankrupt, and he put a lot of money into a new model of the printing press, which never was put into production; plagiarists steal rights to several of his books. In 1893, Twain was represented by oil magnate Henry Rogers, one of the directors of the company Standard Oil.

Rogers helped Twain advantageous to reorganize the financial affairs, and they became close friends. Twain often visited with Rogers, they drank and played poker. for knowledge. We can say that even Mark Twain was for Rogers, a family member. The sudden death of Rogers in 1909 deeply shocked Twain. Although Mark Twain repeatedly publicly thanked for Rogers rescue from financial collapse, it became clear that their friendship was mutually beneficial. Apparently, Twain made a significant impact on mitigating the steep temper oil tycoon, who had the nickname "Cerberus Rogers." After the death of Rogers his paper has shown that friendship with famed writer did in this merciless miser benefactor and philanthropist. During a friendship with Twain Rogers began to actively support education, organized educational programs, especially for blacks and talented people with disabilities. The house-museum of Mark Twain in Hartford, Twain himself died April 21, 1910 from angina pectoris. A year before his death, he said, "I came in 1835 with Comet Halley, a year later she arrives again, and I expect to leave with her. " And so it happened. In the town of Hannibal, Missouri, kept the house in which a boy was playing Sam Clemens, and caves, which he studied as a child, and who were later described in his famous "Adventures of Tom Sawyer," there now come the tourists. Mark Twain House in Hartford, turned in his personal museum in the United States and declared a national historic domain.