That is, when you watch "Sex and the big city "with Russian subtitles, in effect, it's more like reading a book in Russian, rather than watching a movie in English. It is quite another thing if you look foreign films with foreign subtitles as, or better yet – Do without them. At the beginning of training, when in rapid speech, you have hardly separate one word from another, foreign subtitles can be very helpful. You will feel the melody and rhythm of language, while emphasizing individual words and memorizing them. Particularly useful at this stage to watch those movies that you already know in Russian, which is about know what to tell the characters in a given time. So you will understand what is happening on the screen, and your Motivation will not be weakened because of the unfamiliar and the apparent flow of such a complex vocabulary.

Later, when you're more familiar with the language, you can start watching movies without subtitles, trying to understand heard only on hearing. If at first it will be difficult, you can periodically stop the video and the wind off back. At this stage, more responsible and diligent you work, the greater the result will get. No need to watch movies ticks (although if you each day will view one film at least one eye, doing household chores, you can still move up in the very language). To get a really tangible results within a short time, with movies need to really work.

Rewind and try to understand the places where you find it difficult to parse words. Memorize vocabulary. Listen to the pronunciation: Stress, stress and intonation. Delve into the styles of speech: where you hear the Oxford English, and where – the language of New York's black gangs? As you guessed it, eventually you will get not only progress in the language, but also a good knowledge of the realities and culture of the countries whose language you are learning. You have the opportunity of a very reliable source to observe how people tend to react to these or other aspects of life, as well as the situations in which they communicate. After all, a movie (if it's not a fantasy) is very often a reflection of our lives. A yet you get a great bonus – a good time! After all, we all love to watch movies! So let's do it with the benefit! By the way, in my course you will, inter alia, to find information on where to find the different videos and films in various foreign languages, as well as proven and effective methods of memorizing vocabulary! Watch movies in a foreign language, learn the language yourself – and your progress in language acquisition will come very soon! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Lots of links to a variety of materials on a variety of foreign languages. Language Resource – English Best regards, Sergey Vasilenkov e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively