Entrepreneurs have the opportunity with the help of telephone conferences to stay abreast. The speed in which our world is changing speeds up to every day. Facebook, Twitter and the Internet have accelerated rapid speed in which information is exchanged. Operations done nowadays in the blink of an eye: what earlier weeks and months has taken, is happening now within one single day. Time zones are skipped, language barriers broken and thanks to globalization, we are all part of a large global and virtual village, which steadily grows and prospers. This development brings a dilemma many companies: you sit in the dilemma.

Companies that are active worldwide, have accustomed their brightest minds to bring together to develop solutions. In a world that turns every day faster, it is not possible to bring people together face-to-face to discuss business ideas. If for example a company has offices in both London and New York and urgently convene a meeting, there is simply no time to fly quickly to this. Technology has created this problem, produced at the same time the solution: the phone conference. Telephone conferences make possible meetings in a matter of seconds and participants of the Conference can be as long as there is Internet connection from any location worldwide. The call quality is good and important negotiations are made possible colleagues via a conference call to discuss without delay transactions and complete. With this innovation, operations can be adapted to the fast pace. Many companies now use telephone conferences to increase their efficiency and to be able to compete in the international business world. Jonas boat man