Its father, paranaense, were economist of the Bank of Brazil. Its mother, pernambucana, were teacher of English. In the 1962 end, Renato gained a sister: Carmem Teresa. Until the 6 years of age, Renato lived with the family in Rio De Janeiro, addressed in the Street Mara, quarter Banana plantation, Island of the Governor. was in this house that Renato Manfredini Jnior had its first contact with music. Every day before working, the father of Renato placed its LP? s to touch and thus left each musical chord to invade the house. Music ran for the veins of the Manfredini has some generations.

The grandfather of Renato was flautista and violinista, self-taught, by the way. Also the grandmother, when guided well, she could follow the husband in the violo. The proper father of Renato learned rudimentos of piano. Its musical taste was divided between classic music and jazz. Already owner Maria of the Carmo appreciated Francisco Alves, ngela Maria and marchinhas of carnival.

The taste eclectic of the family it finished reflecting in the one of Renato, potencializado for the discovery it Rock in the turn them years 60 for years 70. The pertaining to school learning of Renato gave beginning in the school Olavo Bilac, still in the Island of the Governor, with teachers who later, had been cited in the letter of ' ' The discovery of the Brasil' ' (1993): ' ' The Adlia/teacher the aunt Edilamar/and the aunt Esperana.' ' Parallel to the alfabetizao process, Renato initiated formal lessons of piano. We can say that the boy lingered it the basic one, since he did not have much patience to fix itself in one definitive point until dominating it. But she enters the years of 1967 and 1969, the Manfredini family was to pass one season is of the country. Its Renato needed to make a course for the bank and thus all had embarked for Forest Hill, district of Queens, New York.