In the park you will find Gabalayya calm and relaxation in a green oasis of the chaotic city. Be sure to visit the village of Pharaohs Dr. Ragab – a modern 'Disneyland' Pharaoh: there you can see the exact copies of the old Egyptian buildings, and the apogee of attractions is the tomb of Tutankhamun copy: If you are traveling with children, they will thank you! Travel to Luxor if you want to visit Luxor, is best go on a night train from Cairo (the trip lasts about 11 hours). Luxor is very expensive city. Double room costs only 150 rubles per person per Nubian Oasis Hostel, youth hostel is without much luxury! About 400 rubles you pay for Accommodation in a double room at Nefertiti Hotel – a charming little hotel in the city center, Little Garden Hotel is famous for its three restaurants, so you not only get cheap accommodation in and you can taste the excellent Egyptian food! But if you are interested in the history of the pharaohs, the Luxor – it's what you need! Luxor itself is a beautiful city – the atmosphere of celebration and joy felt in the air. In Luxor when it was a grand capital of the ancient Egyptian state, which the ancient Egyptians called Uaset, Greeks – Thebes, and the Arabs – Al-Uksur – 'palaces'. The main attraction – two grand temple – Karnak and Luxor, joined avenues of sphinxes. On the other bank of the Nile, in Western Thebes, was a royal residence and a huge necropolis, located in the amphitheater of cliffs, above which rises Dehenet – 'Western summit ", called now Qurnah.