For NYC culture buffs between 1998-2003, Shout NY City provided a great haven.  It was a movement that had a magazine which focused on the rich culture of the city.  From its great music, to New York’s exciting politics, and all sorts of art, movies and entertainment in between, Shout NY City was a great response to the rock ‘n’ roll world of New York.

While there was a definite focus on NY nightlife, it was Shout NY City that was so much more on the pulse.  It almost became a cult, building up a huge following that mainly centered around New York’s lower east side in Manhattan as well as other eastern neighborhoods such as Greenpoint  and Brooklyn.

Shout NY City won awards for its exciting artists and this led to cool parties in the area as well.  In its day, when someone wanted to do something for fun but with the added element of culture, this was the address.  Music, arts, entertainment and politics found a happy home at Shout NY City in the late 1990s and early 2000s.