The present president of the USA, and the one that was it during the attacks, has gone accompanied by their spouses the commemorative acts of the attacks. The ceremony began to 8,45 local time with a minute of silence. Diverse authorities and relatives of the victims also have attended the tribute. Ten years after the attacks that shocked to the world, New York commemorated the east most symbolic Sunday of the anniversaries of 11-S from the Memorial, the park dedicated in ' zone cero' to almost the 3,000 victims, where their families honored their memory. The relatives could contemplate to the east aim park and the two immense constructed sources where they were the Twin Towers and, thus, to especially let back to other anniversaries commemorated with the grief addition go to a place in reconstruction that he evoked still more if the great tragedy fits. This Sunday, in which he was ' zone cero' , the relatives could read the names of those who died in the attacks in the Twin Towers, as much in 1993 as in 2001, the attack to the Pentagon and in airplane that crashed in Pensilvania, all engravings in the bronze panels who surround the two sources by the park. Like in every anniversary, the names of those 2,983 victims were read by their own relatives, a reading that passed with music like basic curtain of chelo of Yo-Yo Ma, the guitars of James Taylor and Paul Simon or the flute of EMI Ferguson. " Yet the pain my heart, my husband, Pedro Francisco Checo" , the woman of one of the victims of those attacks said in Spanish, that, very moved, added that this always will be " the piece that lacks in ours puzzle". The voice of the relatives was cut into while they remembered the parents, mothers, children, brothers, uncles or grandparents who were killed in the attempted major terrorist of the history of the United States.