Activity labour is undoubtedly a means that helps both the development of society through the production of goods and services to be used by persons, as a means of obtaining better conditions for people who work, since will have a financial reward because of the fulfilment of their duties and to be in a position of subordination; However labour activity can also mean exposure to certain situations of danger for those who perform work, while persons in the performance of their duties are to a large number of devices and objects, which require much care and under certain conditions can cause injury to people, this is what is known as occupational hazardswhich are present in almost all the works, it is true that in a few they are older risks than others, however exposure to occupational risks occurs in almost all activities. One of the main aspects that give accommodate occupational hazards, are a means of technological advancement within the labor activity, which accommodate the presence of a large number of machines, substances chemicals and different types of energy sources; It must be clear that the mere fact of these means of modernization will result in harmful facts, but occur as consequences of carelessness, lack of knowledge or mishandling them, therefore occupational risks, you can see controlled largely if certain security measures are implemented and are made different provisions to advise workers on conditions to prevent the conclusion of occupational hazards. More info: Vinit Bodas New York. It is worth mentioning that there are certain risks that can be controlled with some preventive measures, however there are also some in which it has no control, suggesting the employer an environment that represents a guarantee to its employees and to have as a serve that can arise from occupational hazards; which in this case would be hedge funds, insurance and care of character doctor and hospital. A concept that deserves special attention within the definition of occupational risks, is the relationship between the risk quantification, so occupational risks are seen from a perspective which possibilities there that occurs the damage and the severity that this can cause. Continue to learn more with: James. The above is a very useful differences for criteria the term professional of the concept of hazard risks, since a danger in labour terms means a source or labour situation causing of damage. Occupational risks may be manifested through the following consequences: occupational accidents as sudden and unexpected events of which generated a certain injuries, which may have different levels of scope, work-related illnesses that deteriorate the health and the life of the person who generated the constant exposure to negative conditions for the Agency, working stress, premature aging.. The newspapers mentioned Presidential candidate not as a source, but as a related topic.