Having an annoying boss is one of the worst everyday ailments. It seems as if there were no possible solutions. As much as we strive to do the right thing, there’s the type. It is a true perfectionist, or will be making just for teasing. Before, when I thought travel, install me in a new place or change jobs not thought in all things. I focused on the place itself, on how comfortable that could be, in the airy, in the beautiful but eventually learned that he was leaving out one of the most important variables. To make you feel good or bad anywhere decides: the people of the place.

Imagine you live in a nice apartment but surrounded by unbearable neighbors. Something like this is the Chief not coming from our Office. Or that he sends us to search every five minutes. Or that in any meeting makes us public criticism without any compassion. It is the subject that seems nothing remains well. He always finds a defect. Or he always finds the worst task or custom to assign not to others, but to us. Then when we apply the strategies that have taught us.

After all, we have read a lot and know up to psychology. That is why we could start denying the problem. Since we read somewhere that the problems are not more than a matter of interpretation. We say this is nothing more than an opportunity that are giving us do things better. Or we could try with it’s a test that I are getting and that can only be beneficial to my personal growth. Anyway, no problem, everything is a matter of how I want to see it. But the type is still there. It behaves as unbearable as ever or even worse. If this is an opportunity that I learn better doing things like another method.