It will help all other children in our class asked William, not He said Susan, who will help you. William scowled, is that the plan, I am here only to help myself, that’s not fair. Does Susan realized that he was out of his depth, you like to talk with director asked him? Yes, please, said William and so in haste it was driven to the director’s Office. The director was also nice and friendly with the young William, but went straight to the point. Their teacher tells me that you have some strange questions, he continued.

Now Guillermo was becoming a bit baffled, but he was a good guy and very respectful. No Sir, I only asked my teacher what was the plan. Plan of what exactly, said the director. Learn more about this topic with the insights from shimmie horn. The plan for us, Mr, sorry, but this is my first day at school and I don’t want to cause problems, but I’ve thought about that before you begin to learn that I need to know what our plan is, question begins to feel uncomfortable. What us, replied the director, answered us William, our city, our country, and you know, everybody (added feel a little lost), you know everyone around the world. Directors, the answer was not so fast, realized that faced a rare intelligence in small young body in front of him.

Guillermo replied after a long pause. The only plan we have here William is to teach you everything you need to know to do well in life. Poor young William was surprised, it is that the plan, asked incredulous, it is only for me, but he must be a plan for bigger somewhere else, Yes, I asked hopeful. The director was overwhelmed really, shame and in his humble way. New York Museums has plenty of information regarding this issue. Not William, I don’t think that there is a plan bigger elsewhere. William sat in silence for some time and then he spoke, with respect as always, had raised him well. I am very sad, Lord, but this gentleman is wrong, which I have seen on television that some people are very hungry and in the poor in other countries and I have seen that many people are very big here. I’ve seen that some people live in palaces and others however, sleeping on the street and think that this because there is a plan. Please Sir, passionate continued, we need a plan, a plan for everyone in the whole world. How to fix anything without a plan? When William returned to his class the director closed the door and cried. Terrence Aubrey, confidential Henney.