Income of DF virtual offices can represent savings up to 75% for a micro, small or medium businessman, since a traditional Office involves monthly expenses by concepts of income, payment of electricity, water and telephone, demanded an annual investment of 111 thousand in average 230 pesos, against 29 thousand 400 pesos for a rent of virtual offices for an equal period. The savings is 81 thousand 830 pesos, which represents 74% of difference with the rent of virtual city offices. Another reason why it is important to contemplate the rent of offices DF is that preference for this kind of tools for business is increasing, it marks a clear trend of boom that have and will continue to have the rent of virtual offices. Income from virtual df offices made that competition with the traditional office rental increased, because this has been greatly reduced prices and both services have become more accessible. As an example of this situation can appoint Infinity Tower, which is a company dedicated to rent offices Mexico City, and that offers the services of offices virtual 390 and 690 990 pesos a month. Some of the services offered by Infinity Tower in the rental of virtual city offices are: fiscal domicile service. Assistance from reception. Personalized telephone reception.

Fully equipped workstations. Loan facilities one hour per week. He sent and reception of documents. Parking included free. Valet parking. If what you are looking for is to expand your business at a low price, don’t think twice and seeks rent DF virtual offices, earnings will be reflected in your budget, and the increase of customers that you can have. With information from the Universal