For some as Bartolome De Vedia, says (Diario la Nacion of Buenos Aires) today more than ever, the country needs move towards search matches and balances that only a return to the more rigorous observance of constitutional institutions is able to ensure. That balance should come from the immediate revival of the legislative branch as the indispensable protagonist of what relates to the construction of a solid, mature and predictable tax policy. And, also, of a strict observance of the principles on which has to settle so far arbitrary and battered federal partnership system. Against this background of transparency and institutional normality should be restored and charge form the essential dialogue of the political authorities with the rural sector. A dialogue which, although today it is presented as urgent, must not be the subject of a circumstantial agreement, but the databases and search criteria leading to rational and lasting solutions. Of course, the return to normality should include, in its last projection, the construction of the political system that the Argentines still owe it to ourselves. A system that includes the existence of opposition parties to ensure pluralism and the alternation in power that distinguish democratic regimes. When there is no identifiable political opposition, public opinion ends up attributing the opposition role to a particular sector of social life.

And that contributes to exacerbate the emotional content of the conflicts that this sector remains. Untreated today find a formula of agreement allowing to mediate between the Government and the Party of the field, as it has been absurdly tried to call it. It’s abandon forever the pretension of introducing populist movements hegemonic and willing to perpetuate itself, by one way or another, in the exercise of the Government in power. The patron agricultural reject the new system, whose characteristics were published in the Official Gazette, because they ensure that new bumpers to taxes will begin to govern when international cereal prices reach levels that are away from the current.If they lifted the strike, we sat talking.