For each second provider customers from the region are in addition to the Web shop also has a retail store very important half of the surveyed online retailer. This combination of stationary and virtual shop offers interesting possibilities, especially to attract regional customers. Two out of three of these merchants provide regional customers, free shipping at the store to pick up goods, every second allows the exchange of ordered goods in a retail store. Itself for any third trader, which has no stationary shop, customers in the region are very important. These retailers attract regional customers E.g. through waiver of shipping costs within a certain radius, special discounts or other benefits such as tasting packages, installation service, or pick up from stock. As the most important advertising opportunities to attract customers from the region, notes in a retail store and regional newspapers were named by roughly one-third of the online retailer. Roughly a District advertises on local online portals or involved in events in the region.

At the dealers with retail store, it is different if the shop or the store form the main pillar. 35% of these merchants, sales in the online-shop are significantly higher in the shop, at 43% it is the other way around. 11% stated that the revenues are roughly the same, or each could give no information. For the customers, the combination of online store and shop offers the advantage that you can inform yourself before buying online at the store or vice versa. As results, both possibilities are used by the customers.

This average, refer more customers online and then buy in the store than vice versa. For the future, it is also expected that the importance of the business as a whole still continues to increase with regional customers. Only 6% of respondents online retailers go out of decreasing significance. By following this link, you can download the full results: total-global (still applied) more information on the subject of E-Commerce to the E-Commerce day on July 15 in Wurzburg.