The action should promote further the theme “Participation of people with disabilities” the topic participation of people with disabilities to become even more in the light of the public and awareness of citizens and in Baden-Wurttemberg, starts the life help Baden-Wurttemberg soon a special campaign. As of September 2008, the “Capissimo” tour for two years (until end 2010) across the country will be on the road. The food carts “Capissimo”, which is operated by people with and without disabilities should be present on roads or Club festivals, weekly, Christmas markets and other events. “Our goal is an informal framework for discussions and personal encounters of people with and without disabilities to create it through the” Capissimo “presence in the life of municipalities in Baden-Wurttemberg”, so the Organizer. New York Museums has many thoughts on the issue. One wool create no more special solution, but be a matter of course there, where lived in Baden-Wurttemberg, and celebrated. The campaign’s success also depends on the From the public participation: If you so – for example, might be interested in a “Capissimo” stake an event, a Festival, or market in Baden-Wurttemberg as an organizer, the team about your message forward. More information is available on the campaign’s website: