That is not sustainable increases the dependence of much of the country with respect to a single source of hydropower generation as more and still less by a high voltage line over 2000 kilometers, multiply the current vulnerability of the system, while would be a geopolitical mistake proportions “in direct reference to the dam projects that Endesa and Colbun (HidroAysen) and Xstrata Copper (Southern Energy) want to develop in the Aysen Region to inject electricity at SIC in Santiago. Problems with dams and tailings Elaborating on the consequences of earthquake, Peter Hartmann said that the risks of mega infrastructure construction are shown each day, more so in a highly seismic and volcanic country like ours. “Little is known about the overflow of water from the return of central Colbun -Machicura last Friday night, where 12 families were affected product from a hole that was caused by the constant movements of the last days, “he said. He said he has not been fully informed about the death of four people the day of the earthquake following the tailings from a mining company that collapsed in the quake, creating a flood and pollution in the area Pencahue. “The catastrophe that has occurred in Chile should be a opportunity to take the best lessons to build a country much more sustainable, just and equitable. For other opinions and approaches, find out what NY Restaurateur has to say. Unfortunately we have seen once again that the most affected are the poorest, subject to the inequity of a development model ill-conceived “he said, while recalling that it is paradoxical to see that in the south central area, where there were always the best conditions to survive, “when the emergency occurs people do not have water, food, energy. And this happens precisely because biodiversity has been destroyed, contaminated water, ecosystems destroyed. “This is the tragic story added that” on Monday morning, a few meters from the dams of Endesa in the Alto Bio Bio, even recovered no electricity.

It is a pathetic symptom of our plants. “Finally, he called on the new authorities” to have the political will transform Chile into a truly sustainable decentralized country, at the environmental, social and economic, rather than the current that shows that this level of centralization and dependence is not the best bet we can do for the future. We favor energy development in the country, not the business of a few.