Missa”and Te Deum by Joesph Haydn on September 25 on September 25 the Missa in tempore belli” and the Te Deum”by Joseph Haydn in the Basilica to hear presented by Symphonic Orchestra and chorus of the Bavarian Radio conducted by Bernard Labadie. The title fair in times of war”recalls the threat Vienna by Napoleon Bonaparte in the first coalition war. The bold in the Agnus Dei”are a decelerated image of the drum vertebra of the French army. Haydn managed an impressive combination of martial timpani rhythm and facing God asking for peace. It remained so far reserved only Leonard Bernstein the Missa,”within the framework of the Ottobeurer concerts in the Basilica of list, combined with a unique TV recording of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Imperial chamber concerts from May 28 traditionally are part of the Ottobeurer concert series with Opera and recitals, a full set with soloists of the Vienna Philharmonic and Solistes Europeens Luxembourg as well as classical music and jazz in the cello Quartet Chamber music concerts in the magnificent Hall of the emperor.

Chamber music concerts are also the promotion of young artists. So she is a boy Swabia and the Swabian Youth Symphony Orchestra. In addition to the annual annual young artists Panel International with Hansel and Gretel “also a classic afternoon for children offered.