The Old Testament is not a history book, but the three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is a history book as followers of the Abrahamic religion. When did this come about? Who created it? What’s it with Abraham? What was the vision of the Abrahamic religion? Successor religions consider very different from their predecessors. They were already always at odds, who best keeps the heritage. From Judaism, the Abrahamic religion is considered early in its history. Christianity interprets the Abrahamic religion as a precursor of the new testament; only in Jesus Christ fulfilled the old testament. Thus, both interpretations of the originality of the Abrahamic religion deny its importance. Disambiguation Abraham was not the founder of a religion, how about Muhammad was the founder of Islam, or there would be no Christianity without Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic religion is founded by people, representing however given her work as from God.

Them is to a group of people who remained largely anonymous. Of Biblical figures such as Ezekiel, Ezra, Nehemiah, we can assume that they were heavily involved. Except for them it will have been leading men of the priests stand. Also it has been the emergence of the Abrahamic religion to a more protracted process of forming. Because Abraham was not a religious founder, we cannot speak of the religion of Abraham. The Abrahamic religion based on Abraham as the symbolic father.

Who was Abraham? Abraham is a symbol character. Abraham met in the Bible as a wanderer from Mesopotamia to Canaan. There were countless such wandering Arameans who were travelling with her family and her flock in search for pastures. The biblical Abraham is considered as chosen by God, and promised him the land for the future people of God. Remarkable makes the old testament unspecified, Abraham to allocate time. It lacks the usual time for life data, such as \”it happened in the year so and so the Government of King’s x in country y\”.