In the land of professional education, it must to Right Mountain range the project to him of restoration of the National University of Mexico (today the UNAM), made specific in 1910, as it leaves from the celebration of the centenary of independence. The re-opening of university abri the doors to the culture of the diverse philosophical currents in Mexico. The School of High before nonexistent Studies and that later would be the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters would have like specific mission to spread the philosophy studies, mainly of the spread recent philosophical doctrines in Europe after the positivismo. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Museums on most websites. Mountain range obtained the restoration of the education of the philosophy in the official education so that it had an own space in the land of the Mexican thought and the culture. The project found opposition on the part of old liberal and the positivistas ones that the educative system had dominated; however, the new generations saw with affection the idea, before the expectation of which the intellectual life of the Mexico of century XX would be extended. The Athenian of Youth. The first critics done to the positivismo from outside this current were realised by a group of young people known with the name the Athenian of Youth, to whom they were integrated, among others many, Alfonso Kings, Jesus Acevedo, Diego Creek, Antonio Caso, Jose Vasconcelos, Carlos Gonzlez Rock, Martin Luis Guzmn, Manuel M.

Ponce and Isidro Fabela. The atenestas were educated in the prevailing positivismo in the Preparatory National School, through set of scientific matters that received. Nevertheless, the positivismo in which was educated the atenestas had their peculiarities: In the first years of century XX the interest by the positivismo was handicapped and their main cultivators had died or were already old. Some of their teachers, like Right Mountain range, began to doubt the principles in that the positivismo was maintained.