Hechingen – the service offered its users a free online recorder with the webcam streams can be recorded online without any hassles. Via a comfortable Web interface, the users of the service must connect to the platform only their webcam. “Then the first videos can already and unless transmitted images in the company or at home in the worldwide data network and C-MOR hosting” are archived. The only requirement is a traditional DSL Internet access in addition to the free registration. The online delivered camera images our platform generated from C-MOR movies, which are kept for up to 7 days then automatically”, explains Michael Reuschling, Managing Director of za internet GmbH.

The user can determine themselves whether the streams of his webcam to be recorded continuously or whether the recording by motion detection should be done. In this way, a video surveillance of the work room, apartment or Office can be realized at the same time easy and convenient. Especially “worth mentioning in this context is that C-MOR hosting” from individual scenes can also auto-generate a series of individual images. An important aspect when it comes to identification for example of a burglar. The hosting version of the online recorder offers almost all features of the C-MOR-appliance series. These include among other things support all brand cameras, time-controlled video recording, recording by motion detection, as well as the use via the Internet with Windows, Linux or Macintosh computers. More information can be found under.