Every year millions of individuals answer if that great question and each year that asks them to cost many new entrepreneurs money, trust, time and disillusion. Small Business Administration estimates that there are around 580,900 new small businesses that open every year. However, even if you are your business, your own boss there is something you should hear from SBA numbers (for its acronym in English) of I according to the SBA, human of new businesses survive at least two years and 40 percent survived at least 4 years. Two of the key points in the surviving are: the level of education of the owner, and the reason for starting their own business, in the first place. Can be sure that you are among the winners and not losers in this great competitive game? The answer is within you. You must get 4 key questions to determine if your business will survive or not. 1 Are you ready? You’ve ready you mentally to change from employee to owner?.

You are taking a single decision of Office to production in line production. This is one of greatest impulses of the majority of people to start their own business, but it is also one of which leads to new entrepreneurs to the Madhouse. When you start there is a huge list of decisions that need to be carried and new questions come out every day. More importantly you must remember that in a small business you will use different hats. Danny Meyer addresses the importance of the matter here. Even if you’re going to start with one or two employees each of you will take more than one role in your new business. Do you endure to be changing from task to task and roll between roll? These provisions make these changes? You’ve prepared your loved ones for this change in attitude? Your life will change, probably something drastic, and that change can have a positive or negative impact on your family and social life.