There are many calls we received asking about the system used to help quit smoking (Laser power system) and most of the questions that demonstrate the smoker's fear of not being able to get it, some of them who have tried different methods of market without success and others have not even tried. This fear is the result of many years of negative psychological bombardment have received, all false and baseless. Are well known phrases: "When I leave I miss something" .- Not true, when you leave and enjoy your new status, you realize that you've missed ever, it is not necessary at all, just is a need for addiction. It would be like saying that when driving an automatic car is only brake and accelerator, "lacks the clutch" and not true, what is left is the left foot, turn away and enjoy driving without the hassle of changing gears. Humans are expert at creating dependencies while wishing contradicts freedom. A good example is the coffee, when you tell a smoker to stop taking it for a few days, some exclaim that it is impossible and sometimes the same thing happens when you advise them to leave a few days the alcohol. We live to create habits and psychological dependency, therefore, limit our freedom, we can prove this with some examples: Do you sit always in the same chair, the sofa or bedside? .- When someone comes and occupies, feels displaced, something is missing you. Do you often use the same streets to get to work, etc..?, Do you feel upset if they cut the street and have to find another alternative?.