abg.ru – Authentically of boilers and radiators. In the Russian market of boilers there is a fairly large number of different types, different manufacturers offer different versions and packaging. In order to would decide what to buy pot must, above all, to decide on the appointment of the boiler. Consider the types of boilers according to their purpose, technical and operational characteristics and types of fuel. With respect to the claim that electric boilers lose much liquid fuel, it is also quite controversial. Obviously, electricity is more expensive than diesel, but we must not forget that spending choices necessary to consider all factors. Here, Starbucks in New York expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Will focus only on more basic: The cost of equipment.

In the case of electric boilers, you will need to pay only for the boiler, while the use of fuel oil you will need a pot, plus a mounted gun, plus the capacity for storage of liquid fuel, which will cost an average of 2.5 times more expensive. The cost of installation. Installing electric boilers, in which case, typically, is where most of the elements necessary for its safe operation and management, is several times cheaper than the total cost of installation and commissioning of fuel oil boiler with a hinged burner installation of fuel tank, installation of the chimney. The operation of such devices as a gas boiler Aluminum pipes are always very dangerous. Electric boiler structurally much simpler than Oil. He does not need constant maintenance and cleaning required for oil boiler and stand, usually, a few hundred dollars a year.