Passionate minds such as Steve Jobs wanted Rheinbach, Germany/Berlin, January 30, 2009 – Germany has in the past few months in a way changed any economist would have excluded a year ago. Especially the constraints on resulting from the financial crisis lead to an unprecedented political pressure to act. The dramatic crises force the Federal Government to always urgent deems reactions, in order to avoid worse. It is in the nature of things, often being busy with a hot needle to problem solutions. Also, there seems to be public policy not hold more. Attempting to defuse all identifiable financial and economic risks with protection screen concepts, conveys the sense of complacency the public initially, but de facto proves to be more virtual. That would be the outspoken State guarantees for private bank deposits in case of emergency of only theoretical, nor is doubtful as the purely declamatory meaning of by Job guarantees promised the companies \”, writes Dietrich W. Thielenhaus in the February issue of the journal economic picture\”, which was founded by Ludwig Erhard, Minister of economics.

The Federal Government increasingly find their salvation in nationalization measures. In the banking sector, the fall had taken place at the latest with the participation of the Commerzbank. Also the deployment of over 18 billion euros for the acquisition of Dresdner Bank has nothing more to do with the principles of private liability and responsibility. As taxpayers to convey that you unasked must contribute EUR 520 per capita to the rescue\”, asks Thielenhaus by the marketing agency Thielenhaus & partner. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung asked whether even automakers, chemical factories and insurance from the State to take over. It is true that special challenges require special responses. It is also right that probably no one believes the State has better management skills as entrepreneurs. Also it is completely open, when and how these adverse system repair attempts can be cleaned up\”, explains Thielenhaus.