It is worth noting that the precious Stones are chosen for each person individually according to the constitution, the presence of certain diseases and even from month of birth. The spa therapies are used extensively oriental massage with jade and other stones. Meditation. State of meditation – this is an absolute harmony of mind and body. Complete relaxation, freedom from negative thoughts and emotions, and as a result – a new burst of energy, cleansing mind and happiness. Techniques immersion in meditation a few, and to achieve this state today does not necessarily take the path of spiritual quest Oriental sages. Siderism.

Many metals are in contact with human skin radiate electromagnetic waves have a positive impact not only on the epidermal cells, but also in all the organs and tissues. Most of the metals contain energy, provide healing effect. If there is contact between the skin cover, and metals such as tin, silver, energy flows from the metal in the body. When contacting the same with gold, copper, lead, energy flows in the opposite direction – from the man to the metal. No-knead bread insists that this is the case. To cleanse from pollutants, toxic to vital organs, the metal is heated and processed milk or gruel of grain and grass. sonotherapy. Treatment of sound.

By sonotherapy include all the sound effects that improve the physical and emotional state. For example, – treatment of the music. Apply vocal techniques – pure spoken sounds to help achieve a meditative state, release emotions, relieves stress. Soane therapy. This relaxing procedure that uses smooth stones heated in hot water or natural hot springs, or cooled, are placed on different parts of the face and body. Stone therapy improves blood flow, tissue oxygen saturation promotes, stimulates lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and excess fluid. In addition, relieves muscle tension, helps with arthritis, osteochondrosis, restores tone and the skin. Promotes the tide forces. Technique of emotional release. With this method, effects of acupressure stimulates the energy points are responsible for psycho-emotional state. Technique emotional release removes blocks from the energy channels, resulting in negative energy flows out, and the positive easily penetrate into the body. Chromotherapy. Treatment of color. Chromotherapy widely spread in the spa. Recent studies suggest that using chromo rapid wound healing after plastic surgery and other interventions. Flower care. Floral scents help get rid of negative emotions, to find a good mood and feeling. They are selected individually for each client. In the care applied only natural herbal ingredients, but the method in principle differs from aromatherapy because they are used themselves petals and flowers, but not essential oils.