Dagestan in the past years has become almost self-sufficient in the field of pop music. We have dozens of popular and beloved singers, artists, concerts, which receives thousands of people. And all of them – welcome guests at weddings and banquets. Their names are collected in full house restaurants. Makhachkala defines fashion on vacation throughout Dagestan. In the capital, hundreds of cafes and restaurants, including quite relevant international standards. And let somewhere in Moscow think that Dagestan is rolled into the sixteenth century.

But No! In Makhachkala cafe every evening sitting couples in love. In the popular pizza – fellow students, young mothers with children, 'restaurant' – co-workers, there is increased or the arrival of the regular guests from Moscow. Seen in Makhachkala, the girl behind the wheel of a luxury car – not a surprise. It was amazing to see what Makhachkala residents who would be surprised at this. I often come across Daghestan, by fate and find themselves living outside the Republic. What they remember what they are talking to each other? First of all, the friends left behind in Makhachkala. What they do, just arrived from his vacation in Tyumen, Moscow, Saratov, St.

Petersburg? Gather your friends in one of Makhachkala restaurants. Makhachkala is able to be friends! Even those born in the remote mountain villages, arrived in Makhachkala was a student here these winds, best friends who then come together for life. In Makhachkala, live together Representatives of all the peoples of Dagestan. Here, getting to know, do not ask 'Who are you to the nation', but are interested in 'out of area do you? " – To find mutual friends, to be clear about the 'Hukumat' new friend.