Improved appearance of skin after sauna sessions:’ the women are the most beautiful after the sauna’ Finns say it is worth closer to look at the different types of sauna. Contribute also all equally to health, physical construction and improving well-being. In Scandinavia, especially Finland, here originated the sauna, the sauna is a social event, such as a meeting with friends at the same time. Even with business associates. Many contract negotiations and some deal will find his sweaty beginning or concluding well-tempered. Sometimes after the last Aufguss.In Finland, the sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture. Whether in the private house in apartment buildings, whether in the loft or in the apartment: sauna almost always belonged to the Eirichtungsstandard. And the Finns swear on traditional wood burning stove a particularly pleasant and soft”gives off heat.

Also in the medical-Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten will find exactly this. With 45 cubic meters of space even according to the manufacturer’s one of the largest in Europe. Wood in the truest sense of the word is burned each year for about 8,000 euros. Finally have the sauna to a temperature of at least 80 to 100 degrees heat to dry air, the temperature can reach up to 130 degrees. Heat does not increase the actual temperature, give higher temperatures but felt. The goal was and is the hardening against colds. Because the increase of in body temperature up to 39 c in the sweating phase acts in the body like an (artificial) fever and destroyed pathogens.

By the alternating heat and cold bath is relaxes the muscles, reduced blood pressure, but also circulation, metabolism, respiration and the immune system is stimulated. All of this has its effect on the personal well-being. Sauna bathing also provides skin care and reduces the skin aging; because already after entering the sauna responding skin. After a quarter of an hour the skin surface temperature may reach up to 42 degrees: the Blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow.